In general, administrative law refers to government action and regulation of people and business entities. Quite often, administrative law refers to government agency action. Agency action and regulation touches on a wide range of practice areas. Administrative law attorneys may focus on a wide range of areas, such as agriculture, financial regulation, health and safety, disability and welfare programs, immigration, transportation, and zoning.  while many law students in the area often think first of the federal government and agencies, state, county and city governments also have significant administrative functions and opportunities for legal careers.

Three Law Professors Receive Egon Guttman Casebook Award Scholarship in Administrative Law


American University Washington College of Law Professors Andrew E. Popper, Mark C. Niles, and Anthony E. Varona are recipients of the 2018 Egon Guttman Casebook Award for their contributions to the third edition of Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach. The award was established in honor of Egon Guttman, Professor of Law and Levitt Memorial Trust Scholar Emeritus at Washington College of Law, to recognize outstanding scholarship in the form of casebooks and treatises.


Andrew F. Popper


Mark C. Niles

Anthony Varona

Anthony E. Varona