Letters of Good Standing for Transfer


To request a letter of good standing to send for transfer purposes, please follow these steps:

  1. Meet with an advisor regarding transfer

    An advising session is a required step in the transfer process at WCL. Arrange a time to meet either in person or virtually with one of two approved advisors. Rachel Gordon, Associate Director of Academic Advising (rgordon@wcl.american.edu), and Rachel Johnson, Associate Director of Student Affairs (johnsonr@wcl.american.edu, are available to meet with students to discuss the transfer process.

  2. Formal Request to the Office of the Registrar:

    Once you have met with an approved faculty member, you must request a letter of good standing from the Office of the Registrar by filling out and submitting this request form

  3. Processing:

    Once we have received both your official request and your faculty member's meeting confirmation, the WCL Office of the Registrar will process and send out the letter of good standing and/or any additional forms required. Please email any necessary forms to registrationservices@wcl.american.edu directly from your AU email. We must receive both forms before any letters will be sent. 

    Please note: Students are responsible for having an official transcript sent to institutions to accompany their transfer letter of good standing or certification form. Official transcripts may be ordered via TranscriptsPlus.                         

    Processing Policy:

    Transfer letters of good standing are processed weekly. Your request must be submitted by close of business Wednesday to be processed that week. Requests received after 5pm on Wednesday will be processed the following week.

    We do not notify students when letters are sent. Know that we keep processing records in case any issues arise. Please confirm receipt with your prospective transfer institution(s).

  4. Official Notice of Transfer:

    While we hope you continue your studies with us, if you ultimately decide to transfer you must fill out the Withdraw from All Classes form on our Forms page and submit it from your AU email to registrationservices@wcl.american.edu.

  5. Formal Withdrawal:

    You will be notified that we have received your request and you will be withdrawn from WCL once your final grades have been posted.