Non-Native English Speaker’s (NNES) Request for Additional Exam Time

WCL exam policy allows extra time (up to one hour maximum) to a student:

(1) For whom English is not their native (first) language (based on application for admission); AND

(2) Who has not already graduated from a degree program in which English was the primary language of instruction (based on transcripts submitted at time of admission)

NOTE: If you do NOT meet BOTH criteria, absent special circumstances, extra time will not be granted.

The Office of the Registrar approves requests for additional in-class final exams time for a Non-Native English speaking (NNES) student under this policy.

Eligible students may receive a maximum of 1 additional hour per exam and cannot exceed 5 hours total time (Ex. one additional hour granted for a 4 hour exam).

Approval for an NNES student to receive additional time for the current semester's or a previous semester's exam(s) DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY grant that student for additional time for the rest of his/her exams. A student must submit a request form for each semester for each in-class exam.

Barring special circumstances, all NNES accommodated exams are administered in a room separate and apart from the rest of the class, but can be combined in a room with NNES students from other courses if the exam start times are the same.

No additional time is given for the following:

  • LL.M. only courses
  • Take-home exams which exceed 5 total hours
  • In-class simulation exercises
  • Midterm assessments

Click HERE to complete the request form. You will receive a confirmation from the Office of the Registrar prior to the exam period.