Registration/Student Planning

Check the academic calendar for registration dates.

On registration day, students will be broken into groups that will be authorized to register each hour. The timing will be assigned based on anticipated graduation date.

Students approaching graduation in December will be given earlier registration times followed by those graduating in May, and so on.

Registration Timing

To find your registration time, visit Student Planning on the correct term (i.e. Fall 2018 Washington College of Law) through Eagle Service on MyAU. If you don't see the term, click the + button to add them to your student plan.

To log into Student Planning, go to your MyAU portal. Click on Finance, then on Eagle Service and select Student Planning and click on the tab that displays the correct Washington College of Law Term.

Your registration appointment date and time will be displayed right underneath the semester title in a colored bar. You will be able to add courses to your schedule and use the calendar view to see your planned schedule.

Once your appointment time begins, you will have until the end of the add/drop period to enroll or make changes to your schedule. View the academic calendar to determine the add/drop period for a particular semester.


  • Make sure you have selected the correct term (i.e. Fall 2018 Wash Coll of Law)
  • Make sure you have selected a section (even if there is only one)
  • Receiving an error message? Try to take the section off and re-add to your plan and then click the REGISTER button
  • If the course is green with a check mark then you'll know you are actually registered for the course/credits.
  • Look for a red bar on your account to indicate you have a stop. Our office can’t remove these for you, so please look at the stop notice and call the appropriate office. Most common stops are account balances and advising stops for dual degree students (call your main campus advisor to have that removed).
  • Still having trouble? Email


  • Independent Study Registration (LAW-799 or LAW-799C) is done manually through a form approval process.
  • The Exam Schedule is available online to review as you plan your courses.
  • Spaces will be held for one week for part-time students in elective classes and seminars that have both day and evening sections, at which point any interested student may register for those courses.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at with any questions or concerns.

Key points for a successful registration process:

  • A short video tutorial is available to help you learn to navigate the Student Planning system. View the tutorial.
  • Before your registration appointment time begins, please check for and resolve all account stops that might block you from registering. This might include parking, account balances, immunizations, local address, etc. and can be resolved only by the appropriate entities, e.g., Student Accounts, WCL Facilities office, the Student Health Center.
  • The waitlist process for classes will be in effect for all filled courses. More information on the waitlist process is available here.
  • Contact the American University Office of Information Technology Help Desk at for technical assistance if you cannot log in or if you receive error messages.