Enrollment Certification and Degree Verification


If you are currently enrolled at American University Washington College of Law ("WCL"), you may obtain a certification of enrollment by accessing the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) via MyAU. These certifications may be used to provide proof of enrollment for loan deferments, scholarship applications, employment applications, and other purposes. They are distinct from official transcripts of your permanent academic record. Please contact the Office of the Registrar if additional information is required or if you have questions.


For currently enrolled students, the NSC's Enrollment Verification Certificates are accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  • Log in to myau.american.edu; go to "Academics"; select "Certifications/Verification of Enrollment (Student Clearinghouse)"

  • Click "Enter the Student Clearinghouse"; You will be directed to a secure website separate from the American University portal.

For limited periods prior to the start of WCL’s Fall and Spring semesters, currently enrolled students may also obtain Advanced Registration Certificates based on pre-term registration information provided to the NSC by WCL at the conclusion of priority registration. This document should not be used for loan deferment verification purposes, as it does not guarantee subsequent enrollment at Washington College of Law.

Degree Verification

If you are a graduate, for a fee, the NSC provides verification of degrees earned at Washington College of Law. The NSC's DegreeVerify Certificates are distinct from official transcripts of the student's permanent academic record.

If your employer does not participate with the National Student Clearinghouse, you can request a letter from the Office of the Registrar verifying the degree obtained the and date of degree conferral.

The request form is available here.

Please send to registrationservices@wcl.american.edu.

Alumni are encouraged to order an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar by visiting Transcripts on Demand, WCL’s external transcript provider.

Important Dates & Deadlines

December 14 Exams
December 15 Exams
December 16 Exams
December 23 Winter Break (University closed)
December 24 Winter Break (University closed)
December 25 Winter Break (University closed)
December 26 Winter Break (University closed)
December 27 Winter Break (University closed)
December 28 Winter Break (University closed)
December 29 Winter Break (University closed)
December 30 Winter Break (University closed)
December 31 Winter Break (University closed)
January 01 Winter Break (University closed)
January 08 First Day of Classes
January 08 Add/Drop Period Begins
January 13 Add/Drop Period Ends
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (University closed; no classes)
March 11 Spring Break
March 12 Spring Break
March 13 Spring Break
March 14 Spring Break
March 15 Spring Break
March 16 Spring Break
March 17 Spring Break
March 18 Spring Break
March 30 Deadline for NNES Exam Accommodations Request
April 23 Deadline for Submitting Exam Deferral Requests
April 23 Last Day of Classes
April 24 Reading Period
April 25 Reading Period
April 26 Reading Period
April 27 Reading Period
April 28 Reading Period
April 29 Reading Period
April 30 Exams
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