Class Auditing

Alumni Audit Program Suspended

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, WCL’s alumni audit program has been suspended. Pausing the program enables university resources to support enrolled students as they prepare for purely online classes this spring. In the meantime, we encourage you to seek continuing learning opportunities through WCL’s ongoing alumni webinar series, CLE programs, and scheduled alumni events.  Click here for more information about our upcoming events.

Class audits are open to individuals who have earned a degree from the American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) or are barred and in good standing.


Alumni may audit no more than two classes per semester at AUWCL.

Registration and processing fees are $150 per class. Alumni must apply to register through the online application and receive approval by the Registrar's Office in order to attend a class.

**Though professor support is appreciated, auditing individuals cannot attend a class based solely on faculty endorsement.**

Law school alumni are also eligible to audit courses at other American University schools.

All open law school classes are available to alumni with the following exceptions*:

  • Required First Year Classes

  • Classes that are full on the last day of add/drop period

  • Clinic Classes

  • Legal Writing Methods Classes

  • All Pre-Trial Litigation Courses (LAW-649)

  • Lawyer Bargaining (LAW-651)

  • All Trial Advocacy Courses (LAW-694 and -695)

  • Plea Bargaining (Currently LAW-708B)

  • International Investment Law & Policy (LAW-795ZZ)

  • Appellate Advocacy (LAW-847)

  • Scientific Evidence (LAW-878-001)

  • High Tech Courtroom (LAW-913-001)

  • Ethics for Trial Lawyers (LAW-915)

  • EFO (LAW-968)

  • Advanced International Law: Law & Peace Negotiations (LAW-980)

  • Advanced Trial Advocacy: Homicide Prosecution (LAW-984)

  • Advanced Trial Advocacy: Challenges and Obligations of the Prosecutor (LAW-984A)

  • Litigation in the Digital Age: eDiscovery (LAW-994)

  • Seminars

  • All Summer Law Programs (identified under "Type" in course listing) including: Summer Academy in Human Rights and/or Arbitration; Litigation Skills Summer Institute courses

To audit a class, simply click on the application link below and pay the $150 fee by credit card. Please indicate if you have graduated within the past six months.

Barred Individuals in Good Standing

Individuals who are not alumni of AUWCL but are barred and in good standing may audit a class at the regular tuition rate and will not receive academic credit.

The visiting student/barred individual application will open in early August for the fall semester, in early January for the spring semester, and in early May for summer classes.

The last day to apply to audit a class is the last day of add/drop period, usually one week into a new semester. You can find those dates for each semester on our Academic Calendar.

The Registrar approves or denies class audits based on

1) availability following the student add/drop period

2) approval from the instructor

If you are not approved, you will be notified.

You may either receive a refund in 3-5 business days, or choose an alternative class. If approved, you will be notified immediately.

Questions? Email or call (202) 274-4080.

Visiting Barred Individual Application: Application Link

*Possible additions each semester.

NOTE: Audits are solely for personal benefit. No credit or certificates of completion are given. Courses will not appear on transcripts. Alumni cannot take classes for credit (as a registered student) and audit classes during the same semester.