Bar Certifications: J.D.

Bar Exam Preparation

We encourage you to take advantage of the Office of Academic Excellence to assist you in preparing for the bar exam. The Office of Academic Excellence offers individual counseling and information on selecting a jurisdiction, early bar preparation, the bar exam application process, and building effective study schedules to balance bar preparation with life. 

Bar Certification Process

Most jurisdictions provide you, the applicant, with a law school certification form that you sign before sending it to the Office of the Registrar to complete on your behalf.

It is your responsibility to submit requests for certifications to the Office of the Registrar in sufficient time for processing and your responsibility to ensure that the Bar Examiners Office has received the documents. Please be sure to respond to any and all emails from the Office of the Registrar and the Bar Examiners Office.

If your form states that it should not be filled out until you have graduated, please submit it beginning May 1st of your graduation year so that we can prepare it in advance; we will certify and submit it as soon as your degree has been conferred.

All requests for bar certifications and bar related letters should be submitted via the Bar Certification Request Form. This will allow for tracking of all requests. When submitted through the Bar Certification Request Form, students will receive automated notifications when the request is received and when the documents have been sent to the Bar Examiners.

You may require additional documentation in order to complete your Bar Application or Character and Fitness forms.