Bar Certifications

Bar Exam Preparation

We encourage you to take advantage of our Office of Academic Excellence to assist you in preparing for the bar exam.

Character, Fitness, and Other Requirements for Admission to the Bar:

As you were advised during the admissions process and first-year orientation, in addition to the bar examination, each U.S. jurisdiction has character, fitness, and other requirements for admission to the bar.  You must check with any jurisdiction in which you may be interested in seeking admission to the bar for that jurisdiction’s specific character, fitness, and other requirements.

Below are links to the bar admissions requirements for the following jurisdictions in which many WCL students take the bar:

District of Columbia


New York


If you plan on taking the bar exam in a jurisdiction not listed here, please visit your state’s Board of Law Examiner’s website and/or review the National Conference of Bar Examiners website at

Processing Policy

Due to the volume of requests, certificates are processed weekly, on Thursdays. To allow us to process bar forms as efficiently as possible, we ask that you please submit your requests before 12pm on Wednesday. Requests received after 12pm will be processed the following week.

Please note that due to the heavy volume of bar certificate requests, you will not be notified that your forms have been submitted. Know that we retain records that can be used later to verify that the records were sent in response to any questions from the Bar.