Learning Outcomes

Pursuant to ABA Standards 301 and 302, the faculty of American University Washington College of Law has reached consensus on a list of measurable objectives for our students including promoting and ensuring the development of the following:

  • Knowledge and skills necessary for admission to the bar and immediate and increasing success within the legal profession

  • Preparation for practice in an increasingly diverse and dynamic legal profession

  • Intellectual and cognitive development, including legal analysis and reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving and practical reasoning

  • Mastery of substantive legal knowledge

  • Wellness and balance between personal and professional goals

  • Professionalism and ethics (including integrity, community involvement, promotion of the public interest, commitment to service, networking, entrepreneurship and business development)

  • Proficiency in research, fact and other information-gathering skills (including client interviewing)

  • Communication skills, including written and oral advocacy, negotiation, persuasion and engaged listening techniques

Important Dates & Deadlines

December 11 Exams
December 12 Exams
December 13 Exams
December 14 Exams
December 15 Exams
December 16 Exams
December 23 Winter Break (University closed)
December 24 Winter Break (University closed)
December 25 Winter Break (University closed)
December 26 Winter Break (University closed)
December 27 Winter Break (University closed)
December 28 Winter Break (University closed)
December 29 Winter Break (University closed)
December 30 Winter Break (University closed)
December 31 Winter Break (University closed)
January 01 Winter Break (University closed)
January 08 First Day of Classes
January 08 Add/Drop Period Begins
January 13 Add/Drop Period Ends
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (University closed; no classes)
March 11 Spring Break
March 12 Spring Break
March 13 Spring Break
March 14 Spring Break
March 15 Spring Break
March 16 Spring Break
March 17 Spring Break
March 18 Spring Break
March 30 Deadline for NNES Exam Accommodations Request
April 23 Deadline for Submitting Exam Deferral Requests
April 23 Last Day of Classes
April 24 Reading Period
April 25 Reading Period
April 26 Reading Period
April 27 Reading Period
April 28 Reading Period
April 29 Reading Period
April 30 Exams
May 01 Exams
May 02 Exams
May 03 Exams
May 04 Exams
May 05 Exams
May 06 Exams
May 07 Exams
May 08 Exams
May 09 Exams
May 10 Exams
May 11 Exams
May 12 Exams
May 20 Commencement