Laptop Information

Laptops, tablets and smartphones can be connected to the WCL network throughout the school, both via ethernet jacks in classrooms and the library, and wireless connections. Network connections allow internet access, e-mail, and access to personal network drives.

Laptops must maintain current virus protection. This can be downloaded through under the Technology link once you log in.

Laptop Support Policy

WCL supports connections between laptop computers and the law school network. Within this framework, the computer lab helpdesk staff support a core set of hardware and software relating to network connectivity for computers meeting ALL of our requirements.

Please note: WCL student computer lab help desk staff support connectivity only. We do not provide support for applications, operating systems, hardware or other issues. Our helpdesk support technicians will make every effort to support connectivity for any English version of Windows Vista/XP Professional/Windows 7/Mac OS X. For further technical assistance, contact your notebook vendor.

  • Supported Laptop Computers (Visit Exams Policies for exam software and hardware information)
    Any Windows compatible PC such as HP, IBM, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, as well as Apple.

  • Supported Wireless Adapters
    Any make or model that supports 802.11g and 802.11n wireless networking standard. Manufacturers include Linksys, D-Link, Cisco, IBM, Intel.

  • Supported Operating Systems (English Versions Only)
    Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Apple OS X.

  • Unsupported Operating Systems (Including any non-English OS Version)
    All Windows Home edition, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/Windows Server Edition and Linux.

  • Office Suites
    Students may use Microsoft Office, Libre Office, Open Office or other office suites and word processing software. Some courses and instructors require specific file formats, such as .doc, which these should be capable of creating.

    MyWCL is based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology. Some enhanced functionality is available in the Business and Professional editions of Microsoft Office, but not in the Student edition. This functionality includes integrated editing of documents within the site and version control. The Student edition, as well as other software, may still be used, however it is necessary to manually download and upload documents.

Tablet/Smartphone Support

Non-laptop wireless devices such as iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, Kindles, Nooks, Android tablets and Android phones may also connect to the wireless network. Most of these devices can connect to the secure "WCL" network with your AU username and password, which your device may allow you to save for future access. Some devices, such as certain Kindles, will only work with the "wcl-guest" network, which requires opening a web browser to sign-in.

If you have trouble connecting your device to the wireless network, the computer lab help desk staff may be able to assist you in connecting.

Laptop Purchasing

WCL encourages students to obtain a laptop computer as computer labs can become very busy during peak hours, and owning your own computer will allow you to avoid these crowded conditions.

The WCL Office of Technology assists all students to access our network. WCL provides both a 802.11g and 802.11n wireless networking. WCL's current secure exam software has both a Mac and Windows client. However, it is important to note when making your decision to purchase a laptop for use in the Law School that all applications used in the Clinical and Trial Advocacy programs are Windows only.