Intellectual Property & Information Law Curriculum


The law school's diverse and innovative courses offer students the opportunity to develop a broad and deep expertise in intellectual property and information law subjects. Courses cover the full spectrum of topics, including patent, trademark, and copyright law, from both a domestic and an international perspective. Unlike most law schools, American University Washington College of Law offers students the opportunity to explore their interest in the field early by taking the popular first year elective course, Introduction to Intellectual Property. This allows students to study advanced intellectual property topics during their 2L and 3L years. 

Intellectual Property and Information Law Curriculum

Full-Year IP Courses

 Course NumberCourse Name Credits
 LAW-756-007 Intellectual Property Clinic Seminar          6
 LAW-758-001 Intellectual Property Clinic                                    8

Spring 2013 IP Courses

Course Number Course NameCredits
 LAW-667A-001 IP in Cyberspace 3
 LAW-698-001 International and Comparative Copyright          3
 LAW-795IA-001 IP and Administrative Law Seminar 2
 Patent Prosecution 2
 LAW-924-001 Advanced Copyright Law and Policy 3
 LAW-929B-001 Advanced Legal Research: IP 1
 LAW-962A-001 IP Licensing and Technology Agreements             3
 LAW-962B-001 Patent Litigation     2

Fall 2012 IP Courses

Course Number Course NameCredits
 LAW-604-001 Patent and Trademark Appeals 2
 LAW-609-001 Trademark 3
 LAW-623-001 Copyright 3
 International Trademark Law
 LAW-667-001 Cyberlaw 2
 LAW-674-001 Sports Law 3
 LAW-688-001 Patent Law 3
 LAW-773-001 Law and Regulation of Science
 LAW-779-001 Trade Secrets 2
 LAW-810A-001 Communications Law 2
 Space Law and Satellite Communications Seminar
 LAW-963-001 International and Comparative Copyright Law 2

Spring 2011 IP Courses

 Course NumberCourse Name Credits
 LAW-609-001         Trademark                                                   3
 LAW-642-001 Entertainment Law  3
 LAW-667-001 Cyberlaw 2
 LAW-795-014 IP Protection and Enforcement 2
 LAW-795-015 IP and Administrative Law 2
 LAW-805-001 Law of Information Privacy 2
 LAW-836-001 Computer Crime Seminar 2
 LAW-846-001 E-Commerce Law and Drafting 2
 LAW-855-001 Patent Prosecution 2
 LAW-896-001 Law and the Visual Arts 3
 LAW-924-001 Advanced Copyright Law and Policy 3
 LAW-929-002 Advanced Legal Research: IP  2
 LAW-962-001 Advanced IP: Patent Litigation 2
 LAW-962-002 Human Rights and Access to Medicines             3

Summer 2012 IP Courses

 Course NumberCourse Name Credits
 LAW-719-010  IP and Healthcare 1
 LAW-795-021 IP and Sustainable Development 1
 LAW-795-025 WTO Rule Making and Dispute Settlement             2
 LAW-795-026 International IP at WIPO 2
 LAW-795-034 IP and Free Trade Agreements 1
 LAW-795-036 IP Enforcement at Custom and Border Agencies      1

Approved Curricula for LL.M Specializations in Intellectual Property