Welcome to the 2014 Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment Moot Court Competition

2014 Wechsler Competition Schedule

Early Bird Registration Ends - July 31
Regular Registration Ends - August 27
Problem Released - August 29
Deadline for Problem Clarification - September 12
Electronic Submission Deadline for Briefs - September 28
Oral Argument - October 17-18
Banquet - October 18

We are excited to announce the additions of the Honorable Carl Stewart, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and our jurist-in-residence and the Honorable Timothy Dyk of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit as final round panelists!

Competitor Briefs

Submitted Clarification Questions

Question: Are teams allowed to use additional cases that aren't cited in the record/distributed 2014 Wechsler competition problem?
Answer: Yes, the competition is an open universe. Teams are allowed to conduct their own outside/additional research.

Question: Footnote 3 on page 14 is blank, do competitors need the missing information?
Answer: No, there is no missing information. Footnote 3 on page 14 can be disregarded."

Question: Our team has come up with two different interpretations of the second issue, and we want to clarify which interpretation is correct. When the Supreme Court of the United States granted certiorari on the second question and used the language "[r]egardless of the level of scrutiny applied," (J.A. at 26.) did the Court mean to preclude any discussion of different levels of scrutiny as to that issue, or did it mean to encourage a discussion which addresses more than one level of scrutiny?
Answer: For the second issue, competitors should focus on the arguments the City and Mr. Gladstone may make regardless of the level of scrutiny the Court applies. That means explaining how the issue of children's treatment under the First Amendment might play out under both intermediate and strict scrutiny analyses.

Question: Do we ever need to address the substance of whether the law meets strict scrutiny or intermediate scrutiny? It appears that the first issue only addresses the issue of neutrality, and the second issue specifically states "regardless of the level of scrutiny applied . . ." However, the opinions in the record do address the substance of the levels of scrutiny.
Answer: Yes. The second issue must be evaluated in the context of the level of scrutiny the Court may apply depending on whether it finds the Ordinance is content-based or content-neutral.

Hotel Accommodations:

The Hotel Palomar in Dupont Circle is offering a special room rate for this years competition at $209 per night. The hotel is blocks away from the Dupont Circle Metro Station located on the Red Line which can provide easy transportation to both The Washington College of Law and the Court House for first and second day rounds, respectively. Hotel Palomar is also about 15 minutes away by taxi from both the College and Court House.

All reservations should be made under the "American University/Washington College of Law Moot Court Comp" by either calling 1-877-866-3070 or online here.

Hotel Palomar's Address:
2121 P St NW, Washington, DC 20037

For further information or interest in participating in the 2014 competition, please reach out to the co-directors at firstamendment.wcl@gmail.com. Thank youn!