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The Fall 2014 Board


Displaying Tarek.png- President –

Tarek is a Saudi lawyer. He was granted his law degree in 2011 at the College of Law and Political Science in KSU, Riyadh. As part of his training, Tarek worked at a law firm on a diverse series of international business related cases. Currently, Tarek is an LL.M. candidate specializing in International Business at Washington College of Law after having received a scholarship to continue his studies.

Displaying Maria cecelia.jpgMARIA CECILIA HERRERA | ECUADOR

- Vice President of Academic Affairs –

Maria Herrera is an Ecuadorian lawyer and a current LL.M. candidate at Washington College of Law. She holds an LLB from the Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil in Ecuador. After obtaining her law degree, she took a job with UNHCR in the Ecuadorian border with Colombia where she worked with Colombian refugees. Her areas of interest are mainly Human Rights and International Criminal Law.

Displaying Eslam.jpgESLAM ABDELDAYEM | EGYPT

- Secretary–

Eslam is an Egyptian lawyer. He obtained his law degree from Cairo University where he also received a diploma in International Commercial Arbitration. He is specializing in International Business Law at Washington College of Law. During the summer, he interned in the law office of Alan M. Parra, PLLC. Eslam is planning to sit for the NY Bar in February 2015.

Displaying Joy.pngJOY XIAO | CHINA

- Vice President of External Affairs –

Joy Xiao is a Chinese lawyer from Beijing Yingke (Chengdu) Law Firm. She graduated from Sichuan University School of Law in 2010. Ms. Xiao has been practicing Corporate Law, International Business Law, and Intellectual Property Law for more three years. In 2013, she interned in an American law firm in Los Angeles where she worked with American attorneys in civil law, dealig with business information and immigration cases. She is now a LL.M. in the ILSP specializing in International Trade Law and International Business Law. She likes all outdoor events, reading, and cooking.


- Recreational Activities Manager -

Abdulaziz Alghamdi, from Saudi Arabia is a current LL.M. candidate at the Washington College of Law. He was granted his law degree from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 2011. Prior to receiving his scholarship to pursue a masters degree specializing in International Business Law, he worked in a private law firm litigating in business and commercial disputes. Abdulaziz has spent a significant duration of his upbringing in the United States allowing him to diversify his lingual fluency in both Arabic and English.


- Event Organization Manager -

Mariakarla was born in Cuba and spent her upbringing between the the Antilles and Italy. With a combined bachelor and master of science in law obtained at Bocconi University in Milan, Mariakarla, is a current LL.M. student specializing in both International Business Law and International Organizations. Mariakarla has a passion for traveling, arts, and good food-- couldn't be less coming from the culinary and artistic excellence of Italy.


- Treasurer -

Viktoriya Mordvinkina is Kazakhstan attorney and currently attends American University Washington College of Law. Viktoriya received her bachelor of law degree and MBA at Karaganda State University and worked at a private oil company with a focus on international law. Her mainly practices International Business Law and Corporate Law. She is currently specializing in International Business Law.