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DC Green Scene is a new website that compiles energy and environment events in Washington, DC. They list policy seminars, conferences, congressional hearings, and media events happening here. Check out the DC Green Scene website!

CIEL 20th Anniversary Speaker Series: Defending the Planet in the 21st Century with Delphine Dijriabe

Tuesday, July 15, 12pm
CIEL, 1350 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 1100

Lessons from Chad: Fighting for human rights and environmental accountability

Delphine Djiraïbé will tell the story of Chad's long struggle to bring former dictator Hissen Habre to justice and will explore impunity and accountability in the context of human rights and the environment. She will explain the importance of effective rule of law and the role of checks and balances in holding perpetrators accountable for human rights violations and environmental damage. She will share the major lessons learned and explain how this case can set a precedent for the region and beyond.

ELI Summer School Series: Law & Policy of Products Regulation

Thursday, July 17, 12-2pm
Environmental Law Institute, 2000 L Street NW, Suite 620

The life cycle of industrial, agricultural, and antimicrobial chemical products, especially those embedded in consumer products, has gained increasing public attention. Regulators are beginning to look at the entire product life cycle, including after the discard of a product at the end of its useful life, not just toxicity data. This course:

  • examines the regulation of chemicals that are used in industrial and consumer products, as well as pesticides, and
  • describes the new governance and stewardship initiatives being considered globally by a wide variety of stakeholders to diminish the potential for adverse effects from chemicals.

Lynn L. Bergeson, Managing Partner, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.

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ELI Summer School Series: Land Use & the Law

Thursday, July 24, 12-2pm
Environmental Law Institute, 2000 L Street NW, Suite 620

Land use planning touches everyone. This course focuses on the primary elements of land use planning law:

  • zoning,
  • comprehensive planning, and
  • eminent domain.

The faculty describe the history of Euclidean or "suburban" zoning and urban planning and more recent trends in approaches to planning communities. They also:

  • discuss smart growth, transportation issues, and green building initiatives; and
  • describe the inter-agency cooperation that led to holistic approaches to planning land, building, water, and infrastructure needs to reduce energy costs and climate change impacts.

James M. McElfish, Jr., Senior Attorney and Director, Sustainable Use of Land Program, Environmental Law Institute

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ELI Summer School Series: Energy Law

Thursday, July 31, 12-2pm
Environmental Law Institute, 2000 L Street NW, Suite 620

Energy and environmental issues are increasingly intertwined as shown in just a few recent developments:

  • while federal regulation of greenhouse gases initially encompassed only vehicle emissions, regulations are soon likely to encompass emissions from power plants as well;
  • hydraulic fracturing is causing an energy revolution while raising myriad environmental questions; and
  • the field of renewable energy has a complex relationship with environmental regulations: environmental regulations both affect and are required by efforts to expand renewable energy.

Participants will gain an overview of:

  • U.S. energy infrastructure,
  • U.S. laws and regulatory framework relating to energy, and
  • issues in domestic energy production, energy distribution, and energy consumption.

Emily Fisher, Director, Legal Affairs, Energy & Environment, Edison Electric Institute

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Events at WCL and AU

Outside Events

CIEL 20th Anniversary Speaker Series: Defending the Planet in the 21st Century with David Hunter

Tuesday, August 26, 12pm
CIEL, 1350 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 110

Professor David Hunter, Director of the International Legal Studies Program at American University's Washington College of Law and former Executive Director of CIEL, will reflect on twenty years of independent accountability mechanisms and the challenges and opportunities these mechanisms face in providing effective remedies for communities facing human rights and environmental threats in the context of international development projects.

More information to come.