Amnesty International WCL

Mission Statement:

Amnesty International WCL Chapter shares the vision of Amnesty International and works to advance human rights. It provides Washington College of Law's student body with a forum to discuss and learn more about current rights issues with the aim of stopping both domestic and international human rights violations. Additionally, we work with other student groups and outside organizitions to faciltiate speaker events, panel discussions about pressing human rights issues at home and abroad such as International Violence Against Women Act(I-VAWA), prohibition on Torture, Drones, Detention, LGBTI rights and Immigrants' rights among various issues.


Founding President: Pious Ahuja '15
Vice President: Safa Shareef '15
Co-Vice President: Aditi Kumar '15
Treasurer: James Sellars '15
Secretary: Krupa Patel ' 16
Communications Chair: Brittany Knutson '16

Contact Us

Students interested in becoming involved with Amnesty International WCL can contact: