Attorney Richard Spoor - South Africa

Richard Spoor is a public interest attorney based in White River South Africa. He does a lot of work with former mine workers that have contracted various diseases from working in the mines. Spoor represents these workers in lawsuits against their former employers and he is currently organizing South Africa's first ever class-action lawsuit. Spoor also represents communities that have been displaced from their land by the large mining companies without compensation. AJI sent interns to Spoor in the summers of 2011, 2010 and 2009.

Legal Resource Center - Ghana

The LRC Ghana is a grass roots organization focusing on human rights, delivery of legal services, and the development of a just legal system in Ghana. Currently LRC is working on the following projects: Capacity Building for Effective Civil Society Participation in Local Governance with the Support of the European Union Delegation in Ghana; Sensitization Project on Child Trafficking Laws; Support of CBO's in Citizen-Government Engagement; LRC Parliamentary Advocacy Project; Legal Aid Services; Enforcing Laws on the Worst Forms of Child Labor; LRC Training of Action Aid International on RBA; Improving Community-Police Relations Nima-Mamobi. LRC has a long tradition of hosting interns from across the globe and AJI has sent students to intern at LRC in the summers of 2011 and 2009.

Justice Research Institute - Nigeria

JRI is a public Private think-tank working towards the better administration of justice in Nigeria and it is affiliated with the University of Lagos. JRI is currently undertaking a diagnostic of the Nigerian criminal justice system. This is in response to the perception that the systems and the key institutions within the Nigerian criminal justice system lack the capacity to effectively bring offenders to justice. The research will assess the judicial system, the capacity of police to investigate crime and bring offenders to justice, and the length of time it takes to pursue a case to a just end. JRI is also introducing the newly enacted Child Rights Law to practitioners and Judges around the country. JRI is writing manuals for the operators of the family Courts, which are new in Nigeria, and providing other educational support such as trainings and memo writing. Additionally JRI is working on a Climate Change and Gender Project, which seeks to look at the gendered implications of the Climate Change Phenomenon in Nigeria. AJI sent one student to intern with JRI in the summer of 2011.

ALL (Aide Legale Libre) for Cameroon - Cameroon

ALL for Cameroon is a small organization dedicated to providing free legal advice and representation to the poor in a bid to enhance people's access to justice in Cameroon. The organization is headed by Barrister Mbinkar Caroline, a human rights activist who takes on cases of juvenile criminal defense, political persecution, women's rights, and anti-corruption. Some of the cases ALL for Cameroon has handled have reached the level of the U.N. and the African Commission. ALL works with local universities to set up law clinics, allowing national students to work on live cases under the supervision of lecturers and volunteer lawyers. AJI sent two interns to ALL for Cameroon in the summer of 2011. The organization is located in Bamenda and there is no language requirement other than English.

Refugee Law Project - Uganda

The Refugee Law Project (RLP) was established in 1999 to provide legal aid to asylum seekers and refugees in Uganda. Since then, the provision of legal aid has been supported by adding a psycho-social unit which provides clients with counseling and referrals on a range of non-legal matters, including sexual and gender based violence, access to medical care, housing and education. The provision of direct support is complemented by education and training activities. These are targeted both at duty bearers such as police, immigration officers, judges, magistrates and local government officials, and also at refugees themselves. RLP is located in Kampala and the summer of 2012 will be the first time AJI has sent interns to the organization.

If you have questions about any of these opportunities contact Sean Tshikororo at seantshikororo@gmail.com