Events 2010-11

AJI Movie Screening

JD Lounge on the Sixth Floor (in the back of the cafeteria) on 10/5/2011 from 12-1PM.

Please Join AJI for the screening of two short movie clips depicting some of the legal and social issues in Africa. There will be a follow up discussion. This is an opportunity to express yourself, so please come share your ideas, thoughts, and proposals for change. FOOD WILL BE SERVED (NOT PIZZA!!!)

  1. A short documentary titled: Rape, a Weapon of War: Destroying the Glue of a Society.
    This documentary discusses the ongoing issues in DRC and how rape is being used as a weapon of war by both rebel and government soldiers.
  2. A short clip titled: Sisters in Law. It is a Cameroonian documentary about a female judge and prosecutor in a small town who take on cases focused on women and children's rights.

General Body Meeting

Bar Review Fundraiser

Disability Rights in Africa

2nd Annual AJI Symposium Oil in Africa: A Blessing or a Curse?


General Body Meeting