LL.M. in Law and Government Alumni

Students have been drawn to the LL.M. in Law and Government from highly diverse backgrounds. Incoming classes have included new law graduates and experienced attorneys from throughout the United States and from numerous other countries. Here are a few words from graduates about their experiences in the Program.

"The LL.M. Program on Law and Government has accelerated my professional progress. It was the perfect complement to my previous academic endeavors. Obtaining the LL.M. has given me an incredible edge in a most competitive legal market."
- H. Amin

Hisham Amin received a B.A. from Stanford University, an M.A. from Yale University, and a J.D. from the University of Chicago. He worked for the District of Columbia Bar Counsel and, after obtaining his LL.M., began a clerkship with a judge on the D.C. Court of Appeals. He is now an associate at Groom Law Group.
"After law school, I knew I wanted to begin my legal career in the corporate sector, but wasn't sure in what capacity or in what practice area. Finding out I could choose business courses that I needed to propel my career forward made my decision to join the Program an easy one."
- H. Cohen

Harvey Cohen, a graduate of the University of Miami Law School, is an attorney with a private law firm.
"I attribute my development in the Program to my professors' academic and professional backgrounds and abilities as well as to my LL.M. classmates' wide-ranging experiences in governmental issues."
- J. George

Jodi George, a graduate of Howard University Law School, works for the U.S. Department of Transportation.
"The LL.M. Program brought clarity to the subtleties of the American legal system, which has proven critical in my practice of international law. I am very grateful to the professors and staff of the Program who helped me to understand the values of democracy and to acquire necessary skills."
- A. Murray

Anna Murray received her law degree from Leningrad State University. Previously, Anna worked as a senior associate in the St. Petersburg, Russia, office of Coudert Brothers. Currently, she has her own law practice and is working on judicial reform in the Russian Federation. Anna was one of the first international lawyers to graduate from the LL.M. program.
"I pursued the LL.M. in Law and Government because I thought it would enhance my career, which has oscillated between government and nonprofit life. That's exactly what happened! I gained valuable contacts on the Hill, in government, and in private practice. My oral and writing skills were honed, and I enjoyed every minute of the Program. In my line of work, I can't think of a more helpful or stimulating academic endeavor."
- S. Kline

Stefan Kline, who received his J.D. from American University, is a public interest advocate and lobbyist.
"The experiences I enjoyed and insight I gained while earning an LL.M. in Law and Government were profoundly gratifying on both a personal and professional level. Completing the degree has served me well in my current legal position, but it also opens new windows for future employment. I was most impressed by the faculty. They were not only exceptionally helpful with my studies, but highly accessible as well."
- A. Loughry

Allen H. Loughry II, a graduate of Capital University Law School, is the clerk for West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice, Margaret Workman.
"The LL.M. Program on Law and Government lived up to my high expectations. All courses and seminars captured present trends in law. My participation in the Program also gave me the opportunity to acquire advanced expertise in the area of administrative law and regulatory policy, and has enhanced my ability to fulfill my duties on the job."
- L. Simon

Lennox Simon, a graduate of Antioch University School of Law, was an Administrative Law Judge in the District of Columbia.
"Studying telecommunications law at the Washington College of Law helped me develop and advance my career. The cuttingedge course work and expert faculty were irreplaceable."
- B. Wondrack

Brian Wondrack, a law graduate from Georgetown University, is an attorney with the Federal Communications Commission.