Financial Aid & Scholarships

LL.M. Scholarships

The LL.M. programs offer both merit-based and need-based scholarship opportunities to applicants. These scholarship opportunities are open to all applicants regardless of citizenship. To learn more about the specific scholarship opportunities and application procedures, please visit the scholarship websites for the particular LLM program to which you are applying:

Additional aid sources and outside scholarships can be found through the WCL Financial Aid Office. Please be aware that some aid options are only available to the JD student population.

Financial Aid for U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents

U.S. citizens and permanent residents may apply for federal financial aid by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the March 1 priority deadline. Do not wait until you are admitted to apply for financial aid. total financial aid for one year may not exceed the established cost of attendance, which includes tuition, fees, books, and living expenses. International students who can obtain a U.S. citizen as a co-signer may be able to receive education loans from private lenders. For information and applications, contact the WCL Financial Aid Office.

*Please review WCL Financial Aid information regarding recent legislation affecting student loans.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):
School Code: 001434

Financial Aid for International Students

Because education in the United States is expensive, international students are encouraged to seek funding from sources in their home countries. For assistance in locating sponsoring organizations, contact the U.S. embassy, consulate, or information agency in your country. EducationUSA also provides an extensive listing of scholarshsips and grants directed towards international students.

In the past, international students have funded their LL.M. studies through the following funding sources and programs:

  1. Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  3. Open Society Foundation Middle East Rule of Law Scholarship
  4. IREX
  5. Tibet Fund
  6. Leo S. Rowe Fund (Organization of American States)
  7. American Association of University Women
  8. Kosovo American Education Fund
  9. American-Scandinavian Foundation
  10. Becas Chile
  11. Colfuturo (Colombia)
  12. Comexus (Mexico)
  13. Barsa Scholarship
  14. Mr. & Mrs. Hung Mau Wu Memorial Fund (students of Chinese descent or nationality)
  15. Edward E. Masters Fellows Program (US-Indonesia Society)
  16. Low interest or no interest loans from a national bank (varies by country)

Additional Funding Resources for International Students

NOTE: This list of additional resources is for reference purposes only. American University does not officially endorse any of these sources, nor can we vouch for the accuracy or quality of information. Beware of scams when researching outside funding sources.

Students applying for F-1 or J-1 visas must show sufficient funds for educational and personal expenses for each year they plan to study in the U.S. before the university will issue the necessary immigration forms. F-1 or J- 1 visas holders are not eligible for employment outside of the university. For complete information on regulations and exceptions, visit AU's Office of International Student & Scholar Services website.

Important Additional Costs

Students must be able to meet the following costs as they apply to their particular situation.

  1. Travel expenses between home country and United States during vacation periods
  2. Large purchases (such as computers, furniture, etc.)
  3. Medical expenses not covered by the University health insurance (eye care, dental care, medical problems developed before arriving at the university)