Dean's Fellows

The Legal Rhetoric Program employs more than 50 student Dean's Fellows, who act in a variety of capacities:

Classroom Fellows are attached to a specific Legal Rhetoric section. Fellows attend and assist the instructor in all the class sessions. They prepare short presentations on citation rules and writing strategies for each class and meet with individual students outside of class to provide one-on-one help with assignments.

Rhetoric Writing Fellows offer one-on-one meetings with students needing extra assistance with writing and research assignments.

Research Fellows work with Legal Rhetoric faculty to develop assignments, classroom teaching materials, and the Research and Citation Competency Exam.

Committed to mentoring the best student teachers, the Legal Rhetoric Program is fortunate to have a dedicated and truly exceptional group of Dean's Fellows.

Myers Society Distinguished Fellows

Recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Rhetoric Program, each Myers Dean's Fellow plays a leadership role in mentoring new and returning Dean's Fellows, assisting with Dean's Fellow training; vetting the Research, Citation, and Writing Strategy Exam; acting as leaders in research lecture break-out sessions; and assisting the Program in other ways as called on by the full-time faculty (such as subbing for a Dean's Fellow who cannot be in class on a certain day).

Ellie Atkins
Jacob Danziger
Naomi Hartman
Kathleen Hsu
Dina Rezvani
Jeff Wojcik

2013-2014 Dean's Fellows

Alia Al-Khatib
Lyndy Amato
Ellie Atkins
Josh Axelrod
Jason Bailey
Erica Bakies
Kathleen Banaszak
Elizabeth Bookwalter
Catherine Bourque (Research)
Rochelle Brunot
Mulan Cui
Daniel Culicover
Maren Dale (Writing)
Jacob Danziger
Dan Deacon
Kathryn Debrason (Research)
Christa Elliott
Jared Engelking
Lucie Enns
Mia Feld
Irene Firippis
George Ganey
James Gatliff
Laura Gold (Writing)
Mary Grinton (Writing)
Naomi Hartman
Andrew Hazlett

John Heinbockel
Julie Herward
Daniel Honeycutt
Kathleen Hsu
Annegelica Ibe (Research)
Erin Kelly
Sydney Kestle
Feyisope Koya
Esther Lee (Writing)
Elizabeth Lewis
Sam Neel
Semira Nikou
Dori Persky
Meredith Renegar
Dina Rezvani (Writing)
Christopher Rogers
Shannon Schoultz
Jessica Scott
Colin Spodek
Angela Urbano
Justin Watkins (Writing)
Shantel Williams
Katie Wilson
Jeff Wojcik
Yvonne Woldeab
Becky Wolf