ILSP Students at Orientation The ILSP curriculum is designed to be flexible. Each student structures a program of study to meet his or her own needs, and students may choose any of the approximately 50 courses offered each semester. In addition, students are encouraged to write a publishable thesis and to gain practical experience through internships and optional practical training. In most cases, the ILSP curricula is designed to fulfill the requirements for certain specializations in International law.

Spring 2015 ILSP courses can be found here.

Other previous ILSP course schedule listings can be found in the table below. For any questions on the course schedules please contact (202) 274-4110 or visit suite 309 in-person.

The list below represents courses that were approved for the ILSP curriculum. ILSP students are only allowed to take these courses listed below and are not allowed to take courses related to US law. An entire list of courses taught at WCL is listed on the registrar's website.

ILSP Course Schedules (PDF)


Fall 2014 ILSP Courses

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Updated 4/3/14

Section No. Title Faculty Cr. Days Start End Notes
LAW-096-001 Lgl Eng for Lawyers Hein-Dunne 0 TTH  1:00PM  2:50PM No credit, required for some LLM students, extra cost;
LAW-096-002 Lgl Eng for Lawyers Hein-Dunne 0 TTH  3:00PM  4:50PM No credit, required for some LLM students, extra cost; 
LAW-580-001 American Legal Institutions Berenson 2 W 8:00PM 9:50PM LLM only, required for non-common law trained lawyers in 1st sem.
LAW-580-002 Legal Research and Writing Schenker 2 M 4:30PM 5:50PM LLM only, required for non-common law trained lawyers in 1st sem. Meets twice per week at the beginning of semester, Mon. and Fri., plus one small section per week.
LAW-795W-001 Academic Legal Writing Bain-Butler 1 W 11:00AM 12:50PM LLM only, students w/ large writing assignments
Section No. Title Faculty Cr. Days Start End Notes
LAW-503-002 U.S. Constitutional Law Michelman 3 T 6:00PM 8:50PM LLM only, HR
LAW-507-001 U.S. Criminal Law  TBA 3 M 7:30PM 10:10PM LLM only, HR
LAW-581-001 U.S. Business Law Jacobs 3 M 6:00PM 8:50PM LLM only, Business
LAW-609-001 Trademark Law Farley 3 M 6:00PM 8:40PM  IP
LAW-623-001 Copyright Jaszi 3 MW  1:30PM  2:50PM IP
LAW-626-001 Human Rights Martin 3 MW 3:00PM 4:20PM HR, Gender
LAW-629-001 Environmental Law Breen 3 M 7:30PM 10:10PM Environment
LAW-636-001 Family Law Polikoff 3 MW 10:30AM 11:50AM Gender
LAW-636-002 Family Law Saez 3 T 6:00PM 8:50PM Gender
LAW-637-001 Domestic Violence TBA 2 TBA TBA TBA Gender, HR
LAW-655-001 Immigrtn & Naturalztn Frost 3 MW 1:30PM 2:50PM General, HR 
LAW-655-001B Immigration & Naturalization McConnell 4 TTH 6:00PM 7:20PM General, HR 
LAW-656-001 Asylum & Refugee Law Nanasi 3 TH 3:00PM 4:50PM HR, Gender
LAW-657-001 Intl Trade Law I Ala'i 3 TTH  10:30AM  11:50AM Trade, Business, IO
LAW-660-001 International Law Goldman 3 TTH  3:00PM  4:20PM General
LAW-661-001 Intl Busnss Transact Anderson, K. 3 MW  1:30PM  2:50PM Business
LAW-662-001 Law of Intl Organizations: UN Orentlicher 3 TTH 4:30PM 5:50PM IO
LAW-667-001 Cyberlaw Carroll, M. 2 T 3:00PM 4:50PM IP, Business
LAW-669-001 Intl Labor & Emplymnt Law Herrnstadt 2 M  6:00PM  7:50PM Business
LAW-675-001 Transnatnl Litigtn Epstein 3 TTH  3:00PM 5:50PM Business
LAW-676A-001 Gender & Intl & Comparative Law Tabak 2 T 10:00AM 11:50AM Gender, HR
LAW-679-001 Intl Law of Foreign Invstmnt Perera 3 TTH  6:00PM  7:50PM Business, Arbitration
LAW-685-001 Oil & Gas Law McMurray 2 M 6:00PM 7:50PM Business, Environment
LAW-688-001 Patent Law TBA 3 TBA TBA TBA IP
LAW-699-001 Int'l Comparative Antitrus (Competition Law) T. Miller 3 TBA TBA TBA Business
LAW-707C-001 Problems in Democratic Process Schwartz 2 W 4:00PM 5:50PM General
LAW-721-001 Law of the Sea Orellana 3 TBA TBA TBA IO, Environment
LAW-726-001 Int'l Financial Institutions TBA 3 TBA TBA TBA Business, IO
LAW-727-001 International Banking Comizio 3 T 6:00PM 7:50PM Business 
LAW-736-001 Intl Contract Law Mattar 3 TH  12:00PM  2:50PM Business
Section No. Title Faculty Cr. Days Start End Notes
LAW-738-001 Intl Courts Sem Heywood 3 T  7:30PM  10:10PM IO
LAW-739A-001 Hmn Rgts & Terrorism Sem Goldman 3 TTH  10:30AM  11:50AM HR
LAW-739B-001 Adv Hmn Rgts Sem Mendez, Abi-Mershed 3 T 9:00AM  10:20PM HR
LAW-769 Externship Seminar Radnovic 1-3 TBA TBA TBA General
LAW-789-001 Intl Commerc Arbitr Grigera-Naon 3 M 9:00AM 11:50AM  Business, Arbitration
LAW-795B-001 Intl Hmn Rgts Advcy Purohit 3 F  9:00AM  11:40AM HR
LAW-795C-001 Intl Disaster Relief Sem Nifosi-Sutton 2 T  11:00AM  12:50PM HR, IO
LAW-795CL-001 ICL & Procedure: Theory & Practice SaCouto 2 T 10:00AM 11:50AM HR
LAW-795CL-001B ICL & Procedure Fieldwork TBA 3 TBA TBA TBA HR
LAW-795DB-001 Intl Debt Workouts TBA 2 TBA TBA TBA Business
LAW-795F-001 Preventn of Genocide Mendez, Abi-Mershed 2 W  9:00AM  10:50AM HR
LAW-795HR-001 HmnRgts:Global Disability Rghts TBA 2 TBA TBA TBA HR
LAW-795L-001 Adv Int'l Advcy Sem TBA 2 TBA TBA TBA  General
LAW-795LG-001 Washington Lawyer Practicum Tenney, Cross 1 F 10:00AM 10:50AM General
LAW-795M-001 Intl Commerce Arbitr Advocacy TBA 2 TBA TBA TBA Arb, Permission Required
LAW-795O-001 Anti-Corruption Law Boswell 2 T 4:00PM 5:50PM Business
LAW-809-001 US Trade Regime Nicely, Magnus 3 TH  7:00 PM  9:50 PM Trade
LAW-813-001 Compar Env Law Hunter 3 TBA TBA TBA Environment
LAW-828-001 Space Law & Satelite Commun Sem Meredith 3 M 3:00PM 5:50PM General
LAW-848-001 Intl Bsns Lit & Fed Prac TBA 2 TBA TBA TBA Business
LAW-851-001 Climate Change & the Law Snape 3 MW  12:00PM  1:20PM Environment
LAW-927-001 Int'l Trafficking in Persons Chuang 3 MW  10:30AM  11:50AM HR, Gender
LAW-959-001 Busnss Transac in Latin Ame Figueroa Hernand 2 TH  4:00PM  5:50PM Business
LAW-963-001 Intl & Compar Patent Law Santamauro, Keating 2 TH 7:30PM 9:20PM IP
LAW-972-001 BIT Arbitration Alexandrov, Carlson 2 T  8:00PM  9:50PM Business, IO, Arbitration
LAW-980-001 Adv Int Law:Law&Pce Negot P. Williams 3 T 3:30PM  5:50PM Instructor Permission Required; HR, IO
LAW-982-001 Appl of Intl Arb Fundamntls M. Jaffe, McKay 3 TH  7:30PM  10:10PM Business, Arbitration
LAW-989-001 Intl Protec of Vulnerable Grp Nifosi-Sutton 2 TH  11:00AM  12:50PM HR, Gender
LAW-990-001 Intl Business Negotiations Frankel, TBA 3 M 4:00PM 5:50PM Business
LAW-997-001 Strategic Litgln Hmn Rts Law Saez 2 M 4:00PM 5:50PM HR 


Notes/ Specialization Legend:
Specialization Legend: IO = International Organizations | Trade = Free Trade Agreements & Regional Integration | Environment = International Environmental Law | IP = Intellectual Property | HR = Human Rights | Gender = Gender and the Law | Business = International Business Law | Arbitration = International Commercial Arbitration | General = Does not count towards a specialization