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The Human Rights Brief, a student-run publication of the Center, regularly covers developments regarding human rights in the US. The Brief reports on developments in international human rights and humanitarian law, and provides concise legal analysis of cutting-edge human rights issues. Established in 1994, the Brief maintains a strong commitment to supporting human rights practioners and strengthening the community of human rights advocates around the world. Currently, the Brief reaches more than 4,000 subscribers in more than 130 countries.

From the Human Rights Brief

Bringing Human Rights Home: The DC Right to Housing Campaign (Spring 2010)
Meetali Jain

Oversight Practices of U.S. Juvenile Facilities (Spring 2009)
Ted H. Rubin

Human Rights: The Key to Progressive Cross-Movement Building in the United States (Fall 2008)
R.J. Thompson

How ICE Threatens the Responsibility of Players in Worksite Raids: Postville Study(Fall 2008)
Amalia Greenberg and Shanti Martin

Rethinking the Merida Initiative: Why the U.S. Must Change Course in its Approach to Mexico's Drug War (Spring 2009)
Stephanie Erin Brewer

Hope for Change in Immigration Policy: Recommendations for the Obama Administration (Spring 2009)
Ajmel Quereshi

The AFL-CIO NDLON Agreement: Five Proposals for Advancing the Partnership (Spring 2007)
Jayesh M. Rathod

Racial Disparities in U.S. Public Education and International Human Rights Standards: Holding the U.S. Accountable to CERD (Spring 2007)
Amelia Parker

Fencing Out the Neighbors: Legal Implications of the U.S.-Mexico Border Security Fence (Spring 2007)
Marta Tavares

Privatization of Corrections: A Violation of U.S. Domestic Law, International Human Rights, and Good Sense (Spring 2006)
Ira P. Robbins

Analyzing Prison Sex: Reconciling Self-Expression with Safety (Spring 2006)
Brenda V. Smith

Mistakes in the Making: The Failure of U.S. Immigration Reform to Protect the Labor Rights of Undocumented Workers (Spring 2006)
Lilah S. Rosenblum