Grant Post-Award Administration

While Grants and Contracts Accounting (under General Accounting in Controller's Office) has been tasked with the post-award administration mandate for the university, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) continues to handle contractual support. The following links are available on the OSP website.

For information on American University policies, procedures & guidelines; accounts payable, general accounting and procurement and contract forms; and other essential information, please visit the appropriate office or resource site:

AU Accounts Payable

AU Grants and Contracts Accounting

AU Office of Sponsored Programs

WCL Finance and Administration

  • Journal Entries (JEs)
    Journal Entries (JE) should be used to transfer cost between different budget accounts when an expense was not directly charged to the appropriate grant account because it is a cost invoiced to the project by the University (e.g. photocopying, printing and postage), was shared across multiple accounts, or an entry mistake was made. All Journal Entries must include a brief explanation in the comment field of the JE Template (MS Excel File) describing the expense and justification for reallocation. The form must be submitted with documentation of the expenses (receipts, invoices, etc.) to be transferred. Requests can be sent to

Office of Information Technology

  • AU - BI Tool Training and Support
    • BI Tool Training-Guide-pdf

      This web-based tool uses the same data as used by Datatel, is fairly easy to use and useful for exporting data into Excel. Additionally, a number of pre-formatted reports have been created that provide a user-friendly interface readily available as a .pdf document. Especially useful is the ability to sort data multiple ways and quickly drill down from the expense summary (XEX2) to the details of a single object code (XEX1). It also provides access to specific transactions using a customized grant period (XGAR).

  • WCL - Datatel Training and Support
    • Click here to access the Datatel Software.
    • XGAR – G/L Detail Activity Report
      • This report shows all activity for all object codes for a given date range (within one fiscal year).
      • The XGAR screen in datatel is a useful tool for tracking your individual grant expenditures.
      • It is a good idea to run your grant XGAR screen periodically to ensure that all purchases are "hitting the books."
    • XEX screens are used to check budget vs. expenditures on grant accounts.
      • XEX1 - provides detail of expenses for one object code for a particular grant account
      • XEX2 - provides totals by object code for one grant account
      • XEX3 – provides current fiscal year vs. inception-to-date totals by object code for multi-year grant accounts
    • Using-Datatel-to-Manage-Grants-A-Few-Tips
    • Intructor Led Training (Datatel, Purchasing, etc.)