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Writing a Successful Fellowship Application: LSRJ and Women's Law and Public Policy Fellowships

September 29, 2014
12:00- 1:00pm, WCL 527

Gender and Law & Family Law Resume Review Session

October 8, 2014
4:30- 6:30pm, WCL 600
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Gender and Law, Family Law, Juvenile Justice Externship Fair

October 14,2014
5:00- 7:00pm, WCL 6th Floor
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Attention WCL Students!
Fellowship Application Deadlines are Coming up Fast

Are you a public interest student planning to apply for a fellowship program this fall to do gender-related work after graduation? Many of the fellowship program deadlines are coming up fast.

Equal Justice Works
September 17, 2014

Skadden Fellowship
October 6, 2014

Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship (Georgetown Law)
October 17, 2014

Law Students for Reproductive Justice Fellowship
November 3, 2014

If you ned help with your application, please email the Women and the Law Program staff at

The Women and the Law Program

Since 1984 the Women and the Law Program has promoted the integration of women's rights and gender studies into legal education, practice and doctrine. To foster the study and teaching of gender and international or comparative law, the program expanded to include a Women and International Law Program in 1994.

The Women and the Law Program emphasizes the role of law and legal education in transforming women's status around the world. The program challenges assumptions about the role of women in the family, civil society, and governance in domestic, international and transnational institutions. However, engaging in either academic study or advocacy alone is not enough if the people who make the legal and political decisions that shape women's lives- judges, lawyers and policy makers- ignore the concerns of women. Therefore, the program seeks to influence the thinking of political and social leaders who hold the power to address the legal dimensions of gender inequality. We aim to transform the training of lawyers and scholars so that they leave law school with an awareness of their power and obligation to remove the legal barriers to women's full participation in society.

Our program works at multiple levels to integrate gender into legal education by:

  • Encouraging the development of feminist legal thought;

  • Educating emerging legal scholars in gender studies;

  • Creating supportive networks of feminist scholars, practitioners and activists;

  • Disseminating scholarly and teaching materials that integrate gender into the study of law in specific contexts.

Our Projects

Comparative Family Law

Gender, Health & Justice

Gender Jurisprudence & International Criminal Law

About The Project

Interdisciplinary Project on Human Trafficking

Integrating Gender Into Legal Education

IP/Gender: Mapping the Connections

Student Debt and Education Justice