Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to speak another language?
All students must be proficient in the language of the host country. The program in France requires students to pass a language proficiency exam, as noted on the program page. Students will also have personal interviews during the application process in both English and the other language. All students must pass the exams prior to going abroad. If a student is unable to meet the requirements, he/she will be ineligible to participate in the program.

If WCL is my home institution, how many credits do I need before going abroad?
WCL students must complete a minimum of 59 credits, including all of the regular J.D. required courses (including the Upper Level Writing and Professional Skills requirements) before going abroad.

Requirements can be viewed at:

If WCL is NOT my home institution, how many credits must I complete at WCL to receive my J.D. for this program?
Students accepted into the dual degree program, who begin law school outside of the U.S., must complete at least 57 credits while at WCL, including all required WCL/ABA approved courses.

Requirements can be viewed at:

When should I apply?
If you are a WCL student, please submit your application at the end of your first semester of your first (1L) year. Students from outside of the U.S. should see their specific program coordinator at their home institution.

May I apply to the program if I am a part time student?
You may apply for the program while you are registered as a part time student as long as you change your registration to full time and complete the required 59 credits, including required courses, prior to leaving Washington, D.C. Classes completed during the summer contribute to this total.

May I apply to the program if I am a transfer student?
The ABA requires that two-thirds of the law school education be completed at the same institution to fulfill a residency requirement, therefore transfer students would be ineligible to apply unless they choose to complete an additional year at WCL.

What do I need to do to apply?
For WCL students, please visit the pages related to the specific program of interest for application requirements and additional information. Students from outside of the US should see their specific program director.

What happens with my financial aid?
WCL students may apply for and keep their federal financial assistance and other awards and scholarships throughout the program.

What is the cost of the program?
For WCL students, all tuition and fees are paid to the home institution as if studying at WCL for all three years. All other expenses for the trip including, but not limited to: housing, health insurance, travel expenditures, visa costs, books, other living expenses for the 3rd and 4th year, etc. are the sole responsibility of the student.

Do I need health insurance?
Health insurance is mandatory for the full term (approximately 4 years) of the program. All students have the option of purchasing the AU health insurance plan, which is generally incorporated into the bill with tuition and fees. If this option is waived, the student is responsible for finding independent health insurance. All WCL students who are abroad will be required to find independent health insurance for the final year of the program.

Will I be able to attend commencement at WCL?
Students can participate in commencement as long as they have received a complete record of their courses and grades and these have been cleared by the Registrar's Office for graduation. This means that all students who have met the requirements for graudation, and who have WCL as their home institution, should be able to participate in commencement the last semester of the program (generally in the Spring of the 4th year). All costs, in relation to trips back to the US for this purpose, are the responsibility of the student.

When am I eligible to take the bar exam in the US?
You are eligible to sit for a US bar exam once you have earned your J.D. at WCL.

What kind of jobs are available to me after completing the program?
Careers have varied among program participants. Some have returned to their home country, while others have stayed in the host country. Jobs have been diverse, from the State government, large international firms, to large international development bodies.


For addtional questions, please contact or call 202-274-4237.