Upcoming Events

Planned Events

September, 2014
Course on Brazil-U.S. Legal & Judicial Systems

Previously given as both a semester-long and week-long course, in this week-long course Judge Messitte and distinguished experts on Brazilian law will explore similarities and differences between Brazilian and U.S. legal and judicial institutions. Brazilian co-presenters will include attorneys working in the Washington, D.C. area, as well as visiting experts, including judges, from Brazil. For more information, please click here or email the Program brazil@wcl.american.edu.

Tentative Events

Comparative Program on Courts and Prisons -- September 23-27, 2014 (Tentative)

Extensive discussions are under way over the possibility of offering a week-long course on Courts and Prisons at WCL. The event, which could be set up as a course or seminar, would bring together experts on prison systems and human rights issues from both the U.S. and Brazil. The Program would be primarily attended by Brazilians, but could be made available to the WCL Community as well.

Discussions have been held with Desembargador (Judge) Flavio Sirangelo of Brazil’s National Council of Justice, Dr. Augusto Rossini of Brazil’s National Penitentiary Department and Brazilian Attorney General Luís Inácio Adams. Further talks are scheduled to be held with Brazil’s Secretary for Judicial Reform, Dr. Flávio Crocce Caetano.