Domestic Dual Degree Programs

You can apply to a dual degree program as an entering first-year student or during your first year of law school. If you apply as an entering student, select the corresponding degree objective on your application. For the dual programs with the School of International Service and the School of Public Affairs, once your law school admissions file is complete an electronic copy is forwarded to the corresponding graduate program. For the JDMBA program, you have to be admitted by WCL before your admissions file is forwarded to the Kogod School of Business. The graduate admissions office may require additional information and/or an interview to complete your admissions file for the graduate program. You should check with the corresponding graduate school to see if other documentation or factors are required for admission. The graduate programs will accept the LSAT in lieu of a GRE or GMAT score for candidates applying to the dual program through the law school.

You will receive separate decision letters from the law school and the graduate program. The decisions are independent and you could be admitted to one program and not the other. If you are admitted to both the JD program and graduate program, you would enroll your first year at the Washington College of Law. Your second and third years would be a combination of law and graduate coursework. You would complete your law school coursework by three years and the remaining 1 to 2 semesters would be graduate coursework. A dual program takes 3.5 to 4 years to complete as a full-time student.

Current law students may apply to a dual degree program during their first year of law school by requesting in writing that the law school registrar's office forward your application and transcripts to the graduate program.

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International Dual Degree Programs

During your first year of law school you can apply to one of our four international dual degree programs in either Australia, Canada, France, and Spain.

These unique programs prepare students to practice in the U.S and and abroad. Applicants to the programs in Spain must pass the DELE exam to satisfy the language requirement. Applicants to the France program must show proof of French proficiency. Each year three to four students are selected for each international dual degree program.

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